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For the claims run by Bilklager.no.

Ongoing claims

About 10,000 Tesla Model S were sold in Norway in the period 2013-2016.
In 2019, all of them had their battery capacity reduced and the charging time at Tesla’s superchargers were extended.
The reason was an automatic software update from Tesla.
Tesla has already been convicted by the Conciliation Board of paying the owners EUR 13,000 in compensation, but only those who demand it receive.
Help us help those affected by joining the claim as a sponsor!

Far too many Teslas are affected by errors and deficiencies. In Norway, Tesla is among the brands with the most complaints, only beaten by Landrover. There are numerous problems and it seems that the cars have been made in a hurry, at the cost of the quality. This claim is for all Teslas sold in Norway.

Over several years, Volkswagen cheated with their diesel engines. A total of 11 million cars were affected by their cheating, so that they only let out the legal amount of pollution during testing, while a lot more under normal conditions. 144.000 of these cars were Norwegian. In Germany, the owners received about € 3200 in compensation per car. This was 15% of the price of the car. EU means that Norwegian owners are to receive the same. Norwegian car prices are about 50% higher than German prices. Thus, Norwegians owners should receive about € 4800 in compensation per car. So far, Volkswagen have paid more than € 300 billions in fines and compensations all over the world, but nothing to Norwegian owners – yet. Now it’s Norway’s turn.

Upcoming claims

Volkswagen wasn’t the only ones cheating. Several of the largerst brands were cheating with their emissions. Volkswagen was the first to be caught and the process has been demanding and lenghtly. Through Dieselgate 2, we will help those who own or owned other cars that were cheated with, so that they can claim an economic compensation as well.

Consumer protection is strong in Norway, but bodies such as the Consumer Council and organisations such as NAF have over the years shown to do far too little to assist car owners when they are entitled to compensation. The Consumer Council receives over € 20 million of our taxes annually to assist Norwegian consumers and NAF receives more than € 50 million annually in membership fees. Nevertheless, it turns out that private initiatives are needed to direct claims for compensation when there is talk of systematic cheating, errors and deficiencies affecting thousands of Norwegian-registered cars. As long as it stays that way, services such as Bilklager.no will be needed. As long as this need exists, there will also be a need for people to engage in the work in different ways.

Why sponsors?

Participants in the complaints pay a registration fee, as well as a success fee of 30% of the compensation. In return, they will enjoythe whole process of the building of a large and strong group, the followed-up throughout the lifetime of the claim, and of course the claims process itself.

We only engage in claims that we believe will win, and when this happens, participants will receive 70% of the compensation. The remaining 30% of the compensation is the success fee, which goes to the project and those who have assisted in the work.

As all claims management processes are expensive, sponsors are allowed to contribute, in return of a share of the success fee. The sponsorship funds will be used to gather more participants and to strengthen the entire claims process.

Even though the cases are strong and it would be fair and morally correct that we win, there is rarely any guarantee that this will happen. Thus, sponsors risk the amount they choose to contribute.

As the reward should always be fair in relation to the risk, each sponsor will receive a payout of 4 times his contribution, given certain conditions:

Sponsorship Terms

ou may join the project as a sponsor. The following terms apply for all sponsors:

  • The total sponsored amount, from all sponsors combined, will be no more than EUR 50,000.
  • Each sponsor must contribute with at least EUR 100.
  • Each sponsor will be rewarded with a share of the success fee from all claims run by Bilklager.no.
  • The success fee for this claims management project is 30% of the compensations.
  • 50% of the success fee will be allocated to pay the sponsors, until they are all paid 4 times their contribution.
  • Thus, a EUR 10,000 contribution will give a EUR 40,000 payout, if the claim is a success and the success fee totals at least 10 times the sponsored amount.

To visit the websites for the claims:
Dieselgate: www.bilklager.no/dieselgate/
The Tesla claims: www.bilklager.no/teslaclaims/

Withdrawal of the offer

This offer may be withdrawn at any time, when there is no longer a want for more contributions from sponsors.
After the offer of sponsorship is withdrawn, new sponsors will not be allowed to register.

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