Are you disappointed with the quality? Is it cumbersome to get Tesla to sort it out? Does new problems continue to appear? Join TeslaClaims, and we will take care of the process of getting Tesla to correct the errors, or we will make sure that you are compensated for the costs.

Below you will find a list containing a number of faults and shortcomings that far too many Tesla owners can relate to. Sign up with TeslaClaims if your car is affected by one or more of these problems, and we will take the job of finding a good solution for you.

Is your car affected by any of these problems?

The list below contain problems that far too many of Tesla’s customers are affected by.

  • Autopilot does not work properly
  • Internet is slow and does not work as it ought to
  • The vipers do not work (well enough)
  • The car makes a noise when accelerating (fast)
  • The car creaks when you pass speed bumps and other bumps in the road
  • Decorative moldings loosen
  • The lights do not work properly
  • The doors stop working properly
  • Doors that open by themselves
  • The computer does not work
  • Yellow edgers around the display screens
  • Windows that do not close completely
  • Systems reset on their own
  • Problems charging
  • Reduced power
  • Rust problems on new cars (especially Model 3)
  • Poor paint quality means that the car has to be repainted
  • You were promised free charging throughout the car’s lifetime, but the new charging stations do not fit the car
  • Lower battery life that Tesla claims
  • Problems with the air conditioner
  • Not all problems are solved when the car is serviced
  • Tesla promise to contact you, but you do not hear from them
  • You have to wait on the phone for a long time before Tesla answers
Go to court against Tesla?

If Tesla does not want to come up with a solution, then the court is the last resort. Since going to court is both time consuming and expensice – and definetely not without risk – people generally do not tak cases to court.

We think it is wrong for Tesla and others to get away with it, just because it is cumbersome and risky for the customer to get them to keep what they have promised. The cars simply do not live up to the promises and expectations.

That is why we work with The Consumer Advocate og others who specialize in car disputes and consumer rights.

Can you relate to this?

Getting Tesla convicted

In addition to taking legal action to obtain fair compensation, it is important to put an end to Tesla’s poor service. Tesla has previously shown a willingness to make amends, when customers gather and jointly tackle problems. In Norway, there have been two such cases in connection with the Tesla Model S P85D – both ended with settlements; in the spring of 2018 and in the summer of 2018.

Tesla’s various models seem to suffer from a number of childhood diseases – a brand new car, for example, should not rust and a door should certainly not open when the car is in motion. Customers are generally very happy with the cars, but many still experience that the cars are not quite as expected. By gathering as many of the owners as possible who are affected by the errors from the bullet list above, we want to help you achieve a good solution.

Do you want to join?

Strength in numbers

Since we know that thousands of Tesla customers are affected by one of more of the errors from the bullet list above, we want to gather as many as possible in a large and active group, to achieve the best possible result for all.

Although Tesla generally has well-satisfied customers, far too many of the cars are haunted by faults and deficienvies. This is shown again by the fact that Tesla is the car brand that the Consumer Council recieves by far the most complaints about – almost twice as many as the next car brand, Land Rover.

We give dissatisfied Tesla customers the opportunity to gather in a strong group, to handle their complaints and receive the compensation they are entitled to. Tesla customers, like other car customers, deserve to be able to enjoy the driving experience in a reliable car, which keeps its promise.

Are you in?

Participating in TeslaClaims through Bilklager.no works as follows:



If you can relate to any of the complaints and want to join the group, then sign up now.

The registration fee is only NOK 2,490. As you can see from the complaints, you easily gain more than this if you obtain any form of compensastion.

NB! We do not charge in advance until we have 100 registrations. This means that the first 100 participants do not pay anything as they join the group, but will be asked to pay when we have reached 100 participants. This way, on can safely be among the first to sign up, without running any financial risk.

By the way, for this price you would probably get a maximum of one hour from a lawyer and there is a limit to what is done in a single hour.

NOK 1,000 of the registration fee is set aside for the legal work, while the rest goes to marketing, administrastion, operations and last, but not least follow-up.

In addition to participating in the group complaint, it is important that you send a direct complaint to Tesla. This helps build pressure on Tesla, and it is important in terms of appeal deadlines.

You will find an example of a complaint letter at the bottom of the page.



We gather the participants, sort them into different groups and keep them all informed through regular newsletters, where we update on the progress in the work throughout the the lifetime of the case.

The registration fee is only NOK 2,490. We reserve the right that it may relevant with additional payment, depending on how the case develops, or which process becomes relevant. For example, it would have a great impact if we ended up with 10 participants in the gruop, instead of 1,000.

The two Norwegian group cases that ended with settlements in 2018, both lasted for about a year from start to happy end.

There are many benefits to standing together as a powerful group in the face of such a large and resourceful counterparty. As Tesla sold nearly 350,000 cars in 2019 alone, we should definitely be able to gather a strong group.



We have a collaboration with The Consumer Advocate, who will assist further in the process of finding a solution, if there is a need for legal clarification.

The Consumer Advocate will also assist in developing strategies for how the cases should be resolved. Already at registration, we set aside funds for the legal work.

The two previous Norwegian group cases, ended as mentioned with settlements, just as they were to be heard in court.



If we win, you will receive 70% of the compensation. The remaining 30% goes to Bilklager AS (however, a maximum of NOK 15,000 per car).

By participating in the group, your financial risk is limited to the registration fee.

This means that the process is much cheaper and contains a significantly lower risk than if you were to initiate a comprehensive complaint process on your own.

Should any additional payment become relevant, this will be something you get to decide on later in the process, based on the information that is then available. Our ambition is to make the process cost saving and efficient.

Any additional payment will be deducted from our part of the compensation.
For example, if 30% is NOK 10,000, but you have already paid NOK 2,000 in addition to the registration fee, our part of the compensation will be reduced to NOK 8,000.

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Sample letter of complaint

In addition to signing up with Bilklager.no, it is important that you send a direct complaint to Tesla. This helps build pressure on Tesla, and it is important in terms of appeal deadlines.

If you have not already submitted a direct complaint, please use our sample complaint letter:

To Tesla Norway AS

I refer to the purchase contracct of ………………………….. I apologize for having to report that I have discovered …………………………………….. This is a defect with the car that I demand that Tesla cover. It is requested that Tesla decide whether responsibility is accepted in this case.

If I do not hear anything else within 14 days, I assume Tesla disclaims responsibility. It is notified that it may then be relevant to proceeed with the case and it will be cinsidered to have the error repaired elsewhere, and then claim the cost covered by Tesla.

Information about your car

When signing up with TeslaClaims, we will ask for a few pieces of information about you and your car. This is to make the complaint process as efficient as possible.

Here is an overview of what we are going to ask you:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Registration number
  • Problems with the car
    – select what is relevant from the bullet list above, or add other problems that are not in the list
  • When was the car bought?
  • When was the problem discovered?
  • When did you send a reclamation?
    if this has not already been done, send a complaint letter directly to Tesla as soon as possible – see the column on the left
  • We will ask you to attach documentation of the workshop history
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